Evil Twin Baseball Cap - White

Evil Twin Baseball Cap - White

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evil twin!

Design Finalization: Harmonie Ta'amai

- 100% cotton

- Machine wash safe (preferably cold cycle)

- Made in China

- Embroidered by me in my apartment in the land of Stars and Stripes aka the United States of America

- Shipping could take anywhere from 1-8 weeks after order placement ( Orders placed on or before 5:00 pm EST on July 5th will ship July 6th. Orders placed anytime after that will ship in early to mid August. )

- No refunds unless product is defective


ALLERGY WARNING: My newly adopted cat (Jamie) likes to climb on everything. It is very much possible she may have made contact with your order or the thread used to make your order at some point. You know your own body better than I do, order at your own risk.


This is an Evil Twin Baseball Cap produced by 69hats in collaboration with no'a, awesome